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​About MOHH

MOH Holdings (MOHH) is the holding company of Singapore's public healthcare institutions, overseeing effective and efficient distribution of resources to deliver value-based healthcare. Our work in the areas of corporate governance of public healthcare assets, programme and funding administration of healthcare schemes as well as planning, designing and construction of public healthcare infrastructures and workforce optimisation underscore our commitment to powering a resilient and future-proof healthcare ecosystem.

We make our healthcare happen by

  • Identifying and delivering system-wide efficiencies through corporate governance, controls, and risk management to achieve optimal use of public healthcare resources so as to ensure the highest value of patient-centric care is offered while maintaining financial sustainability and accountability
  • Ensuring the nation’s talent pipeline by nurturing local and foreign manpower through the administration of healthcare scholarships, central recruitment and deployment of junior doctors and other healthcare professionals; as well as training and developing the next generation of public healthcare leaders
  • Planning, designing and building public healthcare infrastructure including hospitals, polyclinics, nursing homes and care centres to grow our capacity and meet the increasing needs of an ageing population.
  • Developing innovative solutions, ranging from sustainable healthcare to new models of care aimed at addressing future demands.