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SHS x Club Rainbow Annual Christmas Party 2022: Better Together!

Group Photo of all the volunteers and beneficiaries at the SHS x Club Rainbow Annual Christmas Party 2022

It was that time of the year when jingle bells ring and Christmas carols are sung. Christmas trees are put up and Christmas decorations adorn the streets and shopping malls. If there is one lesson that the Singapore Healthcare Society (SHS) Executive Committee (EXCO) wants to share with the scholars' community, it's better to give than receive and to share your blessing with those in need.  

For those that are not acquainted, the SHS is a society run by an EXCO made up of our healthcare scholars and aims to engage the healthcare scholar community by providing opportunities for professional and personal development, and for scholars to forge meaningful friendships with one another.

The team was excited to plan the first-ever physical community event where scholars from SHS and beneficiaries (children and youth) from Club Rainbow come together to spread some Christmas joy. 

Kenneth, the CIP Head of the 9th SHS EXCO and also the lead for the event said, "We recognised the limited interaction between the scholar volunteers and the beneficiaries on Zoom. Hence, we wanted to organise an in-person event with hands-on activities so that the beneficiaries at Club Rainbow could have some fun." 

On the day itself, there was a myriad of activities planned out for the beneficiaries. The event started with a brief introduction by the beneficiaries and scholars. Next was the preparation of no-bake Oreo truffles that the beneficiaries could bring home after the event. The SHS EXCO were the one that provided the recipe and prepared the ingredients for the beneficiaries to mix. The scholar volunteers engaged with the beneficiaries by guiding them through the process and also ensured that they had loads of fun rolling the Oreo truffles into a ball. While waiting for the Oreo truffles to solidify in the refrigerator, the children participated in a Christmas Quiz on Kahoot.  After the quiz, we had a canvas painting activity where the beneficiaries had to be creative and show their creative side.

Although the event was a small-scale one considering the duration and participants involved, Kenneth shared, "It was a challenge to plan something in-person after doing things virtually for so long. It was our first in-person CIP event!" When asked to share more about how the SHS EXCO overcame the challenges, Kenneth said that the answer was simply teamwork and communication amongst the SHS EXCO members. His CIP deputies were also crucial to the planning of the event even though it was amid their examinations.

Despite the obstacles and challenges faced, Kenneth felt that being in the SHS EXCO is an invaluable experience. He said, "One of the most important things I have learnt during the event which I value a lot is being grateful for everything we have in life." Kenneth also added that there is value-added experience being in the SHS EXCO as compared to participating as a volunteer in the events. "After joining the SHS EXCO, I realised that I have gained more insights on the struggles faced by the beneficiaries which I was not able to experience as a volunteer previously." As a nursing scholar, he firmly believes that this will be imperative in allowing him to excel in his job in the future. 

Ying Hui (left), one of the volunteers at the SHS x Club Rainbow Annual Christmas Party 2022, rolling the Oreo Truffles with the other beneficiaries

Jace (left), one of the volunteers at the SHS x Club Rainbow Annual Christmas Party 2022, helping a beneficiary with the painting

Nigel (middle), one of the volunteers at the SHS x Club Rainbow Annual Christmas Party 2022, giving out prizes to Wei Xin (left), one of the beneficiaries, for coming in 2nd for the Christmas Quiz

The Christmas Party ended with a group photo of all the scholar volunteers and children, each holding their very own handmade items that they designed and created. As the beneficiaries bade farewell to the scholars, it was heartening to see hearty smiles all around, and the scholars were glad to have made a difference, even if it was just for half a day.

When asked about his experience at the event, Nigel, one of the scholar volunteers said that he was able to witness close up the daily struggles faced by not only the beneficiaries but their families and caregivers as well. He said, "It was very inspiring, as I saw how they did not allow their situation to hold them back. We had so much fun with them, and some surprised us with their works of art!"

As SHS CIP Head, Kenneth also shared that he hopes that scholars are exposed to the challenges and difficulties faced by the vulnerable in our society. The scholars would eventually be working for the public sector and making a difference to those that need it the most.

With the Christmas Party being the first event the 9th SHS EXCO has organised, Kenneth feels that it has helped set the pace for future CIP events, which the other EXCO members are very excited about.

"Looking at how the Christmas Party has made the children happier, motivates the CIP team to want to plan more meaningful activities for other beneficiaries in subsequent CIP events. We hope the next generation of scholars will be keen to join the SHS EXCO to contribute and organise meaningful activities for the scholars and the community."

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