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Meet our Healthcare Scholars: Keran Wei

Hi I am Keran Wei, a Healthcare Merit Award scholar, currently a year 2 student studying Podiatry at University of South Australia .

Podiatry is a profession where abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limb are diagnosed and treated. I chose this profession because I am interested in the health and wellness of feet. I also look forward to the clinical job scope that I will be able to enjoy as part of the job. Many people may shun the occupation because we have to touch other people’s feet and this may be daunting if the feet are in a bad condition. However, it is precisely because of this that we will be able to see the large change in a patient’s wellbeing over time! I foresee that this will bring me great satisfaction and joy after starting work at SingHealth upon my graduation. 

As a scholar studying overseas, it has truly been an exciting journey filled with ups and downs. First of all, I must say that it is definitely not easy. I took a while to adjust to the newfound responsibilities from ’adulting’ in a foreign land where people have different accents, cultural backgrounds and values. And all that without the comfort of family and friends. However, once you learn to embrace the challenges and excitement, having the opportunity to study overseas becomes an eye-opening experience you will never regret throwing yourself into. Ever since I started university, I have gone on road trips to explore the mountains and beaches of South Australia, and even picked up bouldering as a new sport that I could enjoy in the outdoors with friends from the climbing club at my university. Times like warming our feet by the bonfire after a long day of hiking mountains to find rock-climbing spots are one of the many moments which I will look back fondly and smile on for a long time. 

I am thankful to MOHH for this privilege and opportunity given to me through the scholarship. Besides sponsoring my school fees, there has also been an array of development programmes made privy to me through this scholarship. Of the many seminars, camps and exchange programmes made available, the experience that comes to the mind first was my unforgettable experience of serving in Ilo Ilo for anMOHH-organised Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) medical mission trip in 2019. Through that, I met many from other professions, both fellow scholars and working healthcare professionals. I learnt a lot just by watching the way they work and care for each other. When one got tired, many others in the team would readily jump in to help so that the inpidual  could take a break. It was a great experience working with the team as it showed how healthcare professionals work together and support one another as an interdisciplinary team. 

Over the past year, I have seen myself grow by being more sensitive to need, empathy, love and practical skills when it comes administering healthcare on the ground. I still have much to do and learn but I am honoured to have embarked on this learning journey under the wings of MOHH.

To any aspiring scholars, I would definitely encourage you to work hard now so that you can apply for this scholarship!

Story adapted from Facebook.