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Meet our Healthcare Scholars: Geraldo Nick

Hi! I am Geraldo, a Healthcare Merit Award scholar and I will be pursuing Physiotherapy studies at the University of Queensland. I will be joining Alexandra Hospital under National University Health System - NUHS after graduation.

I chose to study Physiotherapy because I want to help people regain their mobility and strength. The ability to exercise without pain (even walking) doesn’t bother most people until they get injured. As I have a strong background in sports, I have had my fair share of injuries. As a sportsman, regaining mobility is important as we want to be able to perform the same way we did or even better before the injury. Similarly, patients might feel lost as exercise might be a routine or a huge part in their lives and a sudden stop would make them feel ‘lost’ in a sense. I want to inspire them by letting them know that even with an injury, they would be able to heal and regain their mobility with the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. I hope my personal experiences with injury will help me empathise with my future patients.

What fascinates me about being a physiotherapist are the multiple aspects within the discipline and the fact that I can journey with my patients through their recovery phase. Many people may have the misconception that physiotherapy treatment mainly deals with sports injuries or that it is the role of a masseur. This is not the full picture. There is a wide range of rehabilitation activities that physiotherapists conduct with their patients and they work with patients of all ages, ranging from children (paediatric) to the elderly (geriatric). Whether it is a professional athlete or elderly patient, I hope to be able to make a positive difference by helping them through their recovery!

During the Healthcare Scholarships interview, I was nervous at the start but I had nice interviewers. The interview started with some small talk which helped to calm my nerves down and I could focus on the questions. The interviewers were keen to find out about my interest in physiotherapy and how I was like as an individual.

To aspiring scholars looking to ace the interview, the keyword is to PREPARE. If you have any friends or seniors who have gone through the interview, I would encourage you to talk to them to find out their interview experience and see if they can offer you any advice. Prepare for some of the frequently asked questions like why do you want to study this discipline or what made you want to become a physiotherapist for example. Read up on the discipline that you wish to study and practice going through the interview with someone or even by yourself. Last but not least, just be yourself – the interviewers want to get to know you better as a person and it’s important to be authentic.

I wish all aspiring scholars good luck and happy interviews!

Story adapted from Facebook.