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Meet our Healthcare Scholars: Dion Seow

Hello! My name is Dion, and I’m a Healthcare Administration Scholar. I’m currently Majoring in Sociology with a Minor in Health and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore.

Sociology looks to understand the ways in which society is organised. It analyses the interplay of relationships, organisations and other social factors in order to better understand and account for patterns in society, ways and outcomes of life. It is a discipline that trains one to think critically and holistically.

In year two of my studies in NUS, I found myself drawn to the modules that taught health/healthcare related topics. This was when I realised that I wanted to be part of the healthcare sector which has a people-centered environment. As my education is in Sociology, I perceived issues of inequality, opportunity and accessibility to resources in a different light. I was intrigued by such issues, and when applying this knowledge to the healthcare industry, I was perturbed by the fact that health is often pronounced as a basic human right but yet the provision and distribution of healthcare resources often do not reflect the claim that good health is fundamental to every person.

I am privileged to be in the position that I am in and this makes me want to better the lives of others – directly or indirectly. I hope to be able to identify those who fall between the cracks in society and to better enhance the support available for these “invisible” groups. One of these groups that come to mind is underprivileged women. I’ve read and studied quite a bit about them through my course over the past few years. During my internship, I was also exposed to the issues surrounding the elderly population in Singapore. The experience showed me how social factors can deeply affect the quality of life of the elderly. For example, those who had access to education were generally more aware of the available government subsidies and ways to preserve their health. I feel strongly for these two groups of people as they tend to be more vulnerable in society and I feel that we can do more for them.

After graduation, I will be serving at the Agency for Integrated Care - AIC Singapore and I am hoping to gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare landscape in Singapore. I am certain that I will discover the area in which I am able to contribute in to the best of my abilities and I look forward to that day!

To juniors who aspire to be part of the healthcare industry, keep working hard! To those who have no idea what to do in the future, do not worry! You will find your way slowly but surely 🙂"

Story adapted from Facebook.